Let’s Parlay

Indiana heads to Purdue on Thursday night for a game that will go a long way in determining both schools' tournament fates.

Struggling to close out games can become a habit. The inability to finish down the stretch weighs heavily on a team, and Indiana is no exception. VICTOR IS BACK…SORT OF Since Victor Oladipo’s highly anticipated return to the Pacers’ rotation, they’ve won just two of their last seven. Everyone expected an adjustment period, but the […]

  Title photo by Icon Sportswire / Getty Images The year is 2020. Flying cars are not yet mainstream, neither is time travel. Bob Knight returned to Assembly Hall last weekend. The Cubs have gone 3+ years without a World Series title. Slackers, I know. Never seen a longer drought in my life.   And […]

Title photo by Michael Hickey / Getty Images  |  All odds courtesy of BetRivers.com  Hoosiers and Boilermakers hate each other. Like Blue Devils hate Tar Heels. Like the Saints hate Bill Vinovich. Or like Kyle Shanahan hates logical play calling in the fourth quarter. Went there. IU and Purdue take physical Big 10 basketball to […]

Title photo by Icon Sportswire / Getty Images  |  All odds courtesy of BetRivers.com  I really don’t think you could ask for a more polarizing Super Bowl matchup to cap off the NFL’s 100th season. That is, out of the teams who deserve to be there. (Sorry New England, America is just not that into you […]

 Title photo by Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images Next Sunday, every football fan in America will be tuning in to watch the NFL’s stingiest defense battle one of the most potent offenses in recent memory. There’s also some appeal for those not interested in the game’s outcome. Your wife or girlfriend may only be […]

Title photo by Icon Sportswire/Getty Images  Yesterday we discussed my bad luck. It was great. If you missed out, read Why Teaser Bets Aren’t All Bad. Or perhaps you should read the article because it contains two of the seven factors that you should consider before placing a teaser bet. Yep, that’s why you should read it. […]

Title photo by Michael Zagaris/ Getty Images  I need a break. Not a 30-minute nap in the afternoon kind of break, but a real break.  The type of break where either Clemson or LSU kicks a field goal in the final 12+ minutes of the National Championship game. ‘Over’ tickets cash, end of story. That […]

  Has your buddy been calling you a square for years? If so, you have two options. 1. Start calling them names, too. Or perhaps find a nicer friend. 2. Study up, they were likely suggesting that your sports betting game was lackluster. Such a kind gesture on their part. Either way, you may learn […]

  One big game, two big cats. Pronunciations vary, but you’ll hear plenty of “Go Tigers” (“Geaux Tigahs” for the bayou folks) on Monday night in New Orleans (N’awlins).   We know one thing for certain. The Joe Burrow era at LSU will come to an end, capping a record-breaking, Heisman-winning senior campaign that saw […]