Kevin’s Corner

Why was Grover Stewart so confident he would be signing another contract to the Indianapolis Colts in free agency?

In signing Joe Flacco to be the new Colts backup quarterback, how much of that job surrounds mentoring Anthony Richardson?

Free agency has certainly shifted the thinking of draft pundits in how the Colts will attack the 15th overall pick in the draft.

When the Colts put Kenny Moore II’s picture on the side of Lucas Oil late last season, many wondered if that meant No. 23 would be staying.

Michael Pittman Jr. knew the Colts weren’t going to let him truly see what the open market thought of him in free agency.

The man behind Anthony Richardson in 2024 is one that actually brings similar arm strength, and quite a bit of playoff experience.

The Colts first outside free agency move in 2024 came at a position where they have the most stable starters.

No need to remove Kenny Moore II’s picture off the side of Lucas Oil Stadium. What does the return of Moore II mean to the Colts?

Simply, the Colts couldn’t provide what Gardner Minshew wants. And now the Colts are looking for a new backup quarterback.

Tyquan Lewis was more than just a feel good story in the Colts 2023 season. And Lewis is returning to the Colts.