Joe Robbins | Getty Images With the NBA Draft going underway tonight at 7:00 PM, Scott Agness joins the show to talk to Jeff & Big Joe about potential moves the Indiana Pacers could do tonight.  He discusses which big names he expect to go early and which ones he could see falling near the […]

Mitchell Layton|Gettyimages Coach LaVall Jordan joins The Fan Morning Show. Coach Jordan talks with the fellas about why he is excited and what work the Bulldogs have to do this summer to be ready. Jordan also talks about Sean Mcdermott and his trip to play in the Pan Am games this summer On what’s going […]

Andy Lyons|Gettyimages Larra Overton joins The Fan Morning Show. Larra talks with the fellas about her new job that she just got, but she did not make the announcement yesterday while she was on the air with the fellas. Jeff and Big Joe get to the bottom of why they weren’t told, and what Larra […]

Vaughn Ridley|Gettyimages From The Athletic Richard Deitsch joins The Fan Morning Show. Richard talks about the different teams that Kawhi may take a look at going to and potentially staying with the Raptors. Richard later speaks on the fact that Kawhi will be loved in the City of Toronto no matter what decision he makes. […]

Icon Sportswire|Gettyimages Larra Overton, joins The Fan Morning Show. Larra talks to the fellas about Tyquan Lewis and how he partnered with the Alzheimer’s association give back to his community by going to read books to people who have Dementia and Alzheimer’s. On tyquan Lewis’s mission: “His great grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia Alzheimer’s and […]

Harry How|Gettyimages PGA Tour Radio analysts Will Haskett joins The Fan Morning Show. Will talks about the impressive play of Gary Woodland and how he was able to continue making hard shots to get himself out of trouble and eventually win the US Open. On Woodland Keeping up with the pressure:  “A couple of the […]

Joe Robbins|Gettyimages Kevin Bowen joins The Fan Morning Show. Kevin talks with Jeff and Big Joe, about the Colts being off for a few weeks, before training camp starts up. The fellas also talk about their predictions of who is going to win each division in the AFC and the Super Bowl. Kevin Bowen talks […]

Michael Cooper | Getty Images Announced only a few moments ago, Doug Christiansen was named the new coach of the Indy Fuel.  The Indy Fuel were founded in 2013 of the ECHL and has been growing ever since.  Christiansen joins Jeff and Big Joe on The Fan Morning Show to talk about his new opportunity […]

Joe Robbins | Getty Images Pacer reporter for The Athletic Scott Agness joins Jeff and Big Joe on The Fan Morning Show to talk NBA offseason.  He talks about what moves he believes could happen around the NBA and which key players may stay where they are.  He also goes in to detail on what […]

Zach Bolinger | Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Kevin Bowen joins Jeff and Big Joe on the Fan Morning Show to talk about the latest news with the Indianapolis Colts with what is happening in offseason signings and mini-camp updates.  Corner backs Pierre Dasir and Kenny Moore both signed extension deals this offseason so all […]