Joey Mulinaro

Michael Hickey | Getty Images Hope is not lost. The season will still be played. The story has not been written yet.  “The night is darkest just before the dawn” – Harvey Dent – Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated?  Benoit made his 2019 NFL season predictions on Tuesday, and he still has a lot of […]

Photo Credit: YouTube screenshots It’s 18 days until kickoff. And while remembering some of Peyton Manning’s best plays on the field would be great, remembering his commercials would be even more fun and possibly more important.  These are – dare I say – his best performances.  via GIPHY 5. High Voice Peyton Manning DirecTV had a […]

Otto Gruele Jr. | Getty Images It’s a debate that gets Colts fans almost as fired up as Brady vs. Manning now.  Who is better: Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck? They both came out in the same draft. They both have had a great amount of success especially early in their career. They’re both everything […]

Albert Dickson | Getty Images It’s the most important play in franchise history.  Marlin Jackson’s interception of Tom Brady completed the 21-3 comeback, KO’d the Evil Empire, and sent the Colts packing for Super Bowl 41 all in one play.  Remember it, and remember it well.  This play would have been legendary no matter what. […]

Getty Images You hear the phrase often nowadays.  “Last night was a movie”. “That game was a movie”. “Last SEASON was a MOVIE”.  It almost was for the Colts. It had all the makings of a Hollywood script. Down and out heading into the season. Questions surrounding the team. A bunch of new faces (Major […]

Jed Jacobsohn | Getty Images February 4, 2007. Miami, Florida. Colts 29 – Bears 17.  It was a perfect end to an unbelievable season that saw the Colts finally take down the Evil Empire Patriots in epic fashion.  But part of what made this Super Bowl a little weird – besides the torrential Florida downpour – was […]

Doug Pensinger | Getty Images Dallas Clark.  It’s a name Indy loves.  Could it be the greatest football name ever? It just sounds like he was born to either be a cowboy (not Jerry’s) or play football.  I’m glad he played football.  He somehow managed to defy all logic and physics being a slow white guy […]

Joe Robbins | Getty Images I’ve said it before, I’ll definitely say it again.  They should name a wine after Vinatieri right now because much like a fine wine, Vinatieri makes your mom and grandma really, really happy.  He makes us all happy. Time and time again the GOAT has made his legendary trot out […]

Joe Robbins | Getty Images We’re under 50 days until the Colts get their venture to Miami (hopefully) started.  46 to be exact.  So I figured why not start our own countdown leading up to it?  Let’s start with T.Y. Hilton’s 46-yard touchdown against the Saints on October 25, 2015.  The Colts lost this game […]

Photo Credit: USA Today It was a rallying cry for the Colts throughout 2018.  Ranked 32nd in the NFL by ESPN during preseason. Predicted to go 2-14 and be the worst team in the league by USA Today. A 10-6 record with a Wild Card win later, and it’s safe to say those predictors had […]