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Colts Linebacker Zaire Franklin spoke up on Twitter(X) on Wednesday in regards to the media posting “trash talk” and sharing practice clips for people to read way too far into situations within the team, and specific player actions on the field for the Colts.


Many Colts players have been quiet about their team being in the spotlight due to running back Jonathan Taylor requesting a trade.

The players main goal for this organization is to improve the teams overall performance after a tough season.

Colts Isaiah Mckenzie jumped on Kevin and Query on Monday at 7AM following the weekend news of Jonathan Taylor and Jake Query asked him if he thinks the news will be a distraction to the team. Listen to the audio below for a very honest answer from Isaiah (fast forward to 7:48 for his answer).

After the news has been looming for a few days Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin seems to be annoyed of the comments and found one specifically that he HAD to respond too.

At the end of the day we are fans. Yes, we have our opinion but it is never “fair” to attack players.

This either shows that Zaire Franklin is a supporter of what Jonathan Taylor is doing or at least understands. Which, the fan does not.

Relationships go farther than the game of football and even if Zaire has any internal frustration towards Jonathan Taylor he is handling it very maturely.

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