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Going into the NCAA Tournament, there was cautious optimism for both the Indiana Hoosiers and the Purdue Boilermakers. 

Purdue entered the tournament having won the Big Ten Tournament, albeit in a game against Penn State that they almost let slip away. The Hoosiers, meanwhile, were the only team to beat the top-seeded Boilermakers twice during the season. In fact, several brackets had the Hoosiers going farther than Purdue. 

Technically, that did happen. 

However, the manner in which IU lost to Miami, in a fairly lifeless performance, didn’t leave many IU fans gloating. In fact, the only saving grace for Hoosier fans might be that Purdue suffered an even more embarrassing defeat, falling to 16th seeded Farleigh Dickinson in one of the bigger upsets in NCAA history; it was only the 2nd time a 16 seed has beaten a 1 seed. After a year filled with promise and hope, both programs are left picking up the pieces and wondering where it all went wrong. 

The Florida Atlantic Owls were expecting to face Purdue in the Round of 32; instead they played and beat Farleigh Dickinson. JMV spoke to Owl’s head coach Dusty May earlier; listen to that conversation and more below! 

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