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NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is in the rear-view mirror, teams are applying franchise tags as we speak, the

“legal tampering period” for free agents starts a week from today and the Colts are sifting through a bunch of information they gathered over the past five days.

Chris Ballard played coy at the idea of the Colts trading up in the draft, but did someone or multiple someone’s impress him to change his mind?  Florida QB Anthony Richardson put on the show of shows during his Combine.  Kentucky QB Will Levis has all the confidence and arm strength you could ask for, Bryce Young’s height and weight are set and he’ll showcase his arm and speed during his pro day and C.J. Stroud has the arm talent and assures everyone he’ll have the mobility that other QBs possess.

Not only could the Colts draft board changed but maybe more importantly, other teams’ draft boards could have changed, which means more competition for moving up in the draft and a steeper price to do so.  The Bears are clearly shopping the top pick, the Cardinals could be shopping the third, but how comfortable are teams willing to be with possibly landing their second, third or even fourth pick at quarterback?

I’m convinced Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Levis and Anthony Richardson will all be taken in the top 10 at this point.  It’s possible three go in the first three picks, which creates a massive issue for the Colts if they choose to stand pat at four.  On top of the fact that the Texans could draft the guy they want at QB and then be forced to play that guy twice a year for the next decade.

How the Colts choose to attack the draft will be really interesting.  Will they go all out to get their guy and possibly trade a King’s ransom to Chicago for the top pick or will they be more conservative and trade up to two or three or stand pat?

The Colts have seven weeks until the draft to figure out their gameplan heading into draft night. We’ll see what they have up their sleeves.

-Marc Dykton

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