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(00:00-08:12) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and opens the show with one of the longest first segments in the history of the show to break down the unveiling of the official release of the renderings of Eleven Park, recap the most recent preseason friendly match for the Indy Eleven against Indiana Wesleyan, and previews the conversations he will have with today’s guest lineup.

(11:13-22:31) – President and CEO of the Indy Eleven in Greg Stremlaw joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday this morning to discuss the recent renderings for Eleven Park that were released, some of the amenities that will surround the actual pitch to improve the gameday experience for fans that are in attendance for Indy Eleven match, what professional parks they modeled Eleven Park after, and what the next nine to ten weeks look like prior to breaking ground in May.

(25:31-34:02) – Former player for the Indy Eleven and now an assistant coach for Mark Lowry in Ayoze joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday this morning to explain the transition from playing for the club to an assistant coach, how excited he gets for some of the players that he has spent a handful of seasons playing with as a coach for them now, and if he has thought about if it’s weird being on the sidelines and knowing that he isn’t going in to play.

(37:03-49:17) – Former goalie for the Indy Eleven in Evan Newton stops by Soccer Saturday with Greg Rakestraw to turn back the clock to explain if he ever pictured himself playing professional soccer for a dozen seasons when he first started his career, what positive memories that immediately come to mind when he reflects on his two years with the Indy Eleven, and where his mindset is now when he watches soccer matches on television.

(52:16-56:23) – The final minutes of this week’s show is spent with Rake going over the English Premier League matches that are coming your way this morning, previewing the conversations that he will have on next week’s show, and with thanking his guests for making today’s show possible.

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