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(00:00-02:35) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday on 93.5/107.5 The Fan and opens the show by quickly diving into what he will be discussing in each segment. Plus, Rake hints at this being one of the most Indy Eleven centric shows besides the Best of Indy Eleven Moments that he and Bradu Hauter put together during the holiday season.

(05:36-12:47) – On Monday all 34 matches for the Indy Eleven and their dates were revealed which means it’s time for Greg Rakestraw to dive into it. Rake breaks down the schedule from month to month along with sharing some notes along the way. To check out the full schedule for the Indy Eleven, click here. Tickets are already available for all the home matches, along with season tickets and you can check that by visiting the Indy Eleven website.

(15:48-26:43) – Head Coach Mark Lowry of the Indy Eleven makes a reappearance on Soccer Saturday with Greg Rakestraw for the first time this calendar year. Lowry and Rake start their conversation with what the addition of Sebastian Guenzatti will bring to the club on a daily basis, how excited he is to be reunited with Jack Blake after the club signed him earlier this year, what kind of pieces that he’s looking at adding to the roster to solidify it before the start of the season, and how he is feeling about his team heading into 2023 compared to how he felt going into the 2022 season.

(29:44-42:07) – Defender A.J. Cochran of the Indy Eleven joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday to catch up with Rake on what he’s been doing during the offseason since the season completed in October of 2022, where his head was at heading into the offseason on if he thought he would be back with the club for 2023, why he believes the club has had a terrific offseason, what he’s spent the most time on trying to improve during the offseason, and how familiar he is with the players that Mark Lowry has brought in.

(45:06-55:40) – Greg closes out this week’s show by sharing some news and notes from the first weekend of the FA Cup from last week, some injury news surrounding a member of the United States Men’s National Team, and quickly looks at today’s slate of games in the English Premier League.

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