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The offseason has finally, mercifully arrived for the Indianapolis Colts. After a 2022 campaign that saw their head coach get fired and the team fail at every one of their goals, the horseshoe can finally flip past this chapter and regroup for next season.

With the offseason comes a fresh set of objectives and the first one on that list is finding the 21st head coach in franchise history. The elephant in the room through this process will be interim head coach Jeff Saturday. Normal rational would tell you that there’s no chance he occupies the top job in 2023, but if there’s one thing we know about the Colts (and billionaire owners in general) things are often anything but normal.

Stepping away from Saturday, the priority for the Colts should either be a proven big name (i.e. Jim Harbaugh, Sean Peyton) or a young exciting offensive mind. Defense has not been the issue in Indianapolis. The biggest obstacle for the Colts is lack of success and execution on offense. Yes a shiny new QB can fix A LOT of those problems, but failing to hire the right coach can have horrific implications on the growth and development of the yet to be found future face of the franchise.

This process is just getting started for the Colts and will likely last until after the Super Bowl, unless they find their candidate beforehand. Or…even more terrifying…the next head coach has been with us all along.

Friday on The Fan Midday Show Charlie Clifford and Scot Pollard chatted with The Fan’s own Kevin Bowen about what the Colts should look for in their next head coach.

During the conversation Kevin spoke on:

  • candidates the Colts have interviewed so far
  • why Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy hasn’t been hired the last 4 years and if he’s a viable candidate
  • the importance of nailing both the head coaching hire AND the decision at QB
  • what he would like to see out of the 21st head coach of the Indianapolis Colts

Listen to our full conversation with Kevin Bowen below and don’t miss The Fan Midday Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan.

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