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On a chilly Tuesday morning from West 56th Street in Indianapolis, General Manager Chris Ballard answered questions from the local media regarding every aspect of the franchise.

  • Where he thought the season went wrong
  • Would he change his viewpoint of roster construction
  • If fans should be surprised if the Colts don’t take a QB with the fourth pick

Former Indianapolis Colt Marlin Jackson co-hosted The Fan Midday Show with WISH TV-8 Sports Anchor Charlie Clifford and gave his honest opinion on everything that transpired this season for the Indianapolis Colts along with what he took away from Ballard’s annual postseason press conference.

“We know what it (the problem) is. There’s no sugar coating anything with the Indianapolis Colts in the circumstances we find ourselves within. It lies and rests within the quarterback position. You overestimated the value that Matt Ryan was bringing in to this organization. That combination of overestimation of the quarterback position and some regression of the offensive line, was ultimately a recipe for disaster.” Jackson stated.

During his press conference, Ballard indicated that the first priority he has going forward, is to find the future head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Clifford asked the Super Bowl winning defensive back if you a player would have a preference of a coach with NFL experience or someone from the college ranks.

“As a player, I think you’re going to be more comfortable with a guy that’s been in the NFL. The relationship dynamics are totally different. They’re all young men across the spectrum, but it’s a different dynamic with a college coach and a kid coming out of high school that’s still finding themselves versus grown men that have more of a self identity that are going to command another level of respect. As a player, I think naturally you’re going to feel more comfortable with someone who has had experience on the level on the level you are currently on. Ultimately the resume of that coach whether that be on the collegiate or professional level is going to hold the most weight.”

To listen to all of Marlin Jackson and Charlie Clifford’s thoughts on the season, Chris Ballard’s press conference, and who are some of the more expendable players for the Colts if they want to trade up for the first overall pick, download the podcast of today’s show below. You can always listen to The Fan Midday Show from 12-3pm on 93.5/107.5 The Fan, but you can watch and interact with the show by going to the 107.5 The Fan YouTube Channel.

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