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With the Colts disappointing season now over, the team has some big decisions to make.

Chief among them is, who will they tap to fill their head coaching vacancy? Candidates include interim head coach Jeff Saturday, as well as potentially Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Whomever the Colts try and go with, one thing that appears to be certain is that GM Chris Ballard will lead the search. Colts owner Jim Irsay has stated multiple times that Ballard will return next year, and nothing about that appears to have changed in the 24 hours since the Colts dropped their season finale against the Texans in yet another blown 4th quarter lead. Even if Ballard does return, questions remain about how much independence he will have, and how much Irsay will insert himself into the decision making process.

Listen to JMV and ESPN’s Stephen Holder dive into the Colts head coaching search, the end to their season, and more below!