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As the Colts prepare to finish out their disappointing 2022-23 NFL Season, questions abound about what will happen with Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday.

Colts owner Jim Irsay has indicated that Saturday would have a legitimate chance at becoming the Colts headman full-time after the season finale against Houston on Sunday. This comes in spite of the Colts going 1-6 under him, while looking worse and worse the further they get from that initial surprise victory over the Raiders. Saturday, who played for the Horseshoe from 1999-2011, and was a 4 time All-Pro at center, has spoken about his desire to get the head coaching job, and help lead the franchise he played for out of what many have referred to as the worst period in Jim Irsay’s tenure as owner.


Listen to JMV and Bob Kravitz of The Athletic break down Saturday’s chances of becoming the Colts head coach, what will happen with GM Chris Ballard, and more below!

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