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Regardless of if you are rooting for the Colts to win or lose the rest of the season, there is still a game to be played on Sunday Night at Jerry’s World against the Dallas Cowboys. So just what challenges will the Colts face in Dallas on Sunday?

Well this is a Cowboys team that would be the 5th seed in the NFC if the season ended today and currently sit in 2nd in the NFC East. Micah Parson leads one of the toughest defenses in football and on the offensive side the Dak Prescott CeeDee Lamb combo has been a force to be reckon with all year.

If you’re a Colts fan still holding out for a Christmas miracle that sees Indy make the playoffs, you would want to see a dominant performance from Jonathan Taylor. Even though Taylor is averaging just 86.5 yards in his nine game of action this season AND he’s averaging a career-low 4.6 yards per carry, the Cowboys rank near the bottom in run defense.

The offensive line and run blocking has been so bad at times that it hasn’t fully matter what Jonathan Taylor is doing because of the lack of help. Still, the path to victory so often the last few years has been Run The Damn Ball and if the Colts hope to pull of a wild upset they’ll need a big game from JT.

As for the passing game…well you’ve seen how well the Colts throw the ball. That combined with Dallas being viewed as one of the top passing defenses in the NFL makes you hope for a heavy dose of Jonathan Taylor even more.

Even with the deck stacked against Indianapolis and their playoff hopes on life support, The Dan Dakich Show still has your back with Colts coverage. Thursday the Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor stopped by to share his thoughts on this talented Dallas squad and where the Colts have the best chance to walk out of Jerry’s World with the W.

Plus, MayTay spoke with us about:

  • what he saw in Colts loss to Pittsburgh
  • where he feels the season went off the rails
  • how the hypothetical changes for the offseason may impact the rest of the year
  • what challenges the Cowboys will present
  • what’s left to play for with five games remaining

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