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How have you felt during this Colts season?  Probably pissed off, bored, confused at times and plenty of other adjectives.  You may have even started to scout the NFL Mock Drafts and see who the Colts could be eyeing come April as they need plenty of help at key positions: quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, defensive line, etc.

Despite a 4-6-1 start to the season the most maddening thing about this Colts season could be that they are still in the middle of the pack when it comes to draft order.  They currently sit at 14th overall.  It goes to show how much parity has been in the NFL this season and why it could leave the Colts in the worst place when it comes to an NFL franchise: no man’s land.  Not good enough to make the playoffs to be a contender but not bad enough to be in the top 10 of the draft to get a top tier talent at a position of need.

The quarterback class isn’t particularly strong even before the season-ending injury to Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker, but any highly touted QB will likely be gone before the Colts get on the clock at 14.  A trade up would be needed, but if Chris Ballard sticks around he isn’t known for being the most aggressive when it comes to giving up draft capital to move up.  The Colts could add some help at free agency as well but we also know how they’ve used free agency under Ballard and they don’t usually break the bank.

There are still six games left and depending on how the rest of the season goes the Colts could easily gain a higher draft pick but their determination to try and prove everyone wrong about the state of their team could prove to be costly in the long run. The Colts don’t want to be in NFL purgatory but as it stands right now, that’s where they’ll be picking in the NFL Draft.

Middle of nowhere.

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