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Halloween is a time for all things spooky. Costumes, movies, stories, etc. are all there to bring scares. In the NFL, nothing is more frightening than being stuck in purgatory. Not good enough to contend, but not bad enough to get a top pick in April’s NFL Draft. Worst of all, it’s not a one day thing like Halloween. It’s something that stays with a franchise the entire season.

Following the latest disappointing result for the 2022 Indianapolis Colts, this one a collapse of epic proportions to the Washington Commanders, Indy finds itself 3-4-1 with playoff hopes become less likely by the week.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how intriguing a one and done playoff berth is to you), the Colts still have some hope to play meaningful football in January. It’s going to take many losses by the Titans (possible) and a 4-5 close or better to the season for Indy to steal the South. Later this week, we’ll look at the final nine game for the Colts but for now let’s just say it’s not exactly a guarantee they can go win four of their next nine. (Unless of course Sam Ehlinger really is a franchise QB, in which case everything is on the table).

Assuming they get close, but come up short, that means we’re looking at potentially an 8-8-1 finish to the season.

What was that!? 

Nothing, it was just the sound of the front office at West 56th Street screaming out in terror. 8-8-1, the very definition of NFL Purgatory. No top draft pick, no playoffs. That’ll scare you far worse than any horror film.

Monday on The Dan Dakich Show the talented Greg Rakestraw joined to share his thoughts on the Colts loss to the Commanders. Greg also went over his observations of Sam Ehlinger in his first NFL Start.

Plus, Greg chatted with us about:

  • the loss of Tyquan Lewis for the season due to a torn patellar tendon
  • the continued struggles of the Colts O-Line
  • a few positives and silver linings he saw
  • where the Colts stand in the AFC South race

Listen to Dan’s full chat with Greg Rakestraw below and don’t miss The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm, on The Fan.

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