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It’s been over twenty-four hours since the Colts made the shocking announcement that they were benching starting QB Matt Ryan and promoting second year backup Sam Ehlinger. In that time, many in the world of the horseshoe have acted anywhere from wary to cautiously optimistic.

On the one hand you spent draft capital and money to bring in yet another retread QB that you have now publicly admitted was another failed offseason move at the most important position in the game. On the other hand, even though the Colts failed their quarterback miserably, they’ve realized that this is a good as Matt Ryan can do and are stopping the train before it can fall of the tracks.

It might still careen into the abyss, but for the next ten games the train will be guided by a fresh breath of hope and optimism…well at least for as long as Indy stays above .500.

At the end of the day the Colts are still 3-3-1 and have a path to making it to the playoffs.

Do I think they’ll get there? No.

As a betting man I’ve seen enough through seven weeks of the season to know that this offense is only good enough to, at best, have you hover around 8-8-1 (maybe 9-7-1) to end the season. That prediction, by the way, has the Colts winning their next three games in a row. After that, they’ll need to go 3-4 over their final seven games AND hope the Titans go 5-6 or worse over their final eleven games to have a shot at the playoffs.

That’s just too many unknowns to close the year for me to put faith in this club. So until they prove otherwise, buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the Ehlinger Experience. It should be an interesting ride.

Tuesday on The Dan Dakich Show the man who broke the Ehlinger news, THE DEAN, Mike Chappell of Fox 59 and CBS 4 dropped by to take us through when he found out and what he feels the moves means for the Colts.

Chappy also spoke to us about:

  •  the Colts chances of still making the postseason
  • where he feels the team can still improve
  • what expectations should be for Ehlinger
  • what he feels Colts will look for in Ehligner over the final 10 games for Indy

Check out Dan’s full conversation with Chappy below and keep listening to The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.

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