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After a major letdown against the Tennessee Titans this past weekend the Indianapolis Colts find themselves searching for anything to turn around their 1-2-1 start to season.

Regardless of whether or not you’re in the camp of Colts fans that are ready for a coaching change, the water is quickly approaching a boiling point for Frank Reich and company.

So far after every loss this season we’ve heard about how this team is close and their goals are still within their reach. Those are true statements because life in the putrid AFC South allows the Colts multiple opportunities to atone for their early season blunders.

But even the AFC South will be out of reach if Indianapolis doesn’t start winning football games. Even with star running back Jonathan Taylor out tonight against Denver it is still very much a winnable football game for the Colts.

In fact, it’s arguably the most confident a Colts fan should be going into any of the team’s games over the next four weeks.

Lose tonight, and you take ten days off to host a Jacksonville team who looks like they’ve passed you. Then a week later you’re on the road against the Titans who just whacked you at home in Week 4. After that, the Carson Wentz train along side the Washington Commanders rolls into town. In the blink of an eye, the Colts could go from 1-2-1 and still alive in the division to 1-6-1 and getting a head start on planning for the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Colts have the ability to rewrite this grim outlook and change the fortunes of their season, and it all starts tonight against an equally putrid (at least on offense) Denver Broncos team.

The Dan Dakich Show went behind enemy lines earlier this week to learn about tonight’s opponent, the Broncos, with senior writer for Aric Dialala.

Over the course of our chat Aric spoke about:

  • the ugly offensive struggles in Year One of the Nathaniel Hackett/Russell Wilson Era
  • why the Broncos have underperformed through their first 4 games
  • how their running game looks with Javonte Williams out for the season
  • why Denver feels like they are close to turning a corner

Check out Dan’s full conversation with Aric Dilala below and keep listening to The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.

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