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All off-season we heard about how pissed Jim Irsay was following the Colts’ embarrassing loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 18, a game that was must-win for the Colts and meant nothing to the Jags except for pride.

Carson Wentz was reportedly the root of most of Irsay’s angst last season and was shipped to the Washington Commanders with Matt Ryan coming to town to be the guy to get the Colts over the hump.

Fast forward to the start of the 2022 season and the Colts sit at 0-1-1 after needing to claw out of a 17-point deficit just to tie the Houston Texans and following it up with a humiliating 24-0 loss to the Jaguars in Jacksonville.  Matt Ryan has looked like he’s aged 5 years since last season, throwing 1 touchdown to 4 interceptions.  It doesn’t help that the front office traded for Matt Ryan and then seemed to smack their hands together and consider the off-season moves complete.

No notable veteran wide receiver additions, Matt Pryor is somehow the best option at left tackle and a bunch of other non-moves.  For a GM “obsessed with depth”(his words), the Colts sure didn’t put much depth or talent around their 37-year old quarterback.  Michael Pittman Jr. and Alec Pierce were ruled out of Sunday’s game and you would have thought the Colts were without Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

So with an off-season built on disappointment and vowing that things will be different in 2022, the Colts appear to not only be right back to where they were last season but they might even be worse.

Fans were already on edge heading into the season but after a putrid start to this season and the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs coming to town on Sunday for the home opener at Lucas Oil Stadium, the blood is in the water and the sharks are circling.  What will it take for Jim Irsay to say “enough is enough”? A blowout loss to the Chiefs?  Probably not.  Another division loss to the Titans in Week 4?  Maybe.

But on Tuesday’s edition of Kevin & Query, Kevin Bowen laid out the game he thinks will cause for sweeping changes at West 56th Street if it goes south: the October 30th home game against Carson Wentz and the Washington Commanders.

If the Colts season was off to the hot start most imagined it would be, a loss to the Commanders wouldn’t spell the end of anything.  But if the Colts continue on the current streak of ineptitude that they’re on and they are continuing to circle the drain at that point then all the more pressure gets put on Ballard and Reich to at least avenge what Irsay believes was an egregious mistake in signing Wentz last season.

Irsay has never fired a coach or GM in the middle of the season but if something could push him over the edge more than a blowout loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars after last season’s debacle, it could be Carson Wentz coming to town and slinging the pill up and down Lucas Oil Stadium on a late October afternoon.

-Marc Dykton

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