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We’re already into Week 6 of the NFL season and the Colts have a huge game against the Houston Texans where a win helps fans breathe a sigh of relief and a loss would be more catastrophic than Monday night’s meltdown in Baltimore.  With that said, Jake Query, Jeremiah Johnson, Marc Dykton made their predictions for the game as well as IU/Michigan State, Purdue/Iowa and other plays they liked in the NFL and college football.  Kevin Bowen, while on vacation, still made predictions.  Here’s where the standings….stand….through five weeks.

Kevin: 22-10 (3-1 last week)

Marc: 23-13 (4-3 last week)

Combined Guest Hosts: 21-13 (3-4 last week)

When it comes to a look at the college slate on Saturday, here’s where they all landed:

Kevin: Michigan State/IU: Michigan State 24-20, Purdue/Iowa: Iowa 24-16, Kentucky to cover +21.5 vs. Georgia

Marc: Michigan State/IU: Michigan State 27-14, Purdue/Iowa: Purdue to cover +11.5 but Iowa wins 31-21, UCF to cover +21.5 against Cincinnati

Jake: Michigan State/IU: IU 23-21, Purdue/Iowa: Iowa 27-20, Georgia cover -21.5 vs. Kentucky, Syracuse to cover +13.5 against Clemson

Jeremiah: Michigan State/IU : IU 17-13, Purdue/Iowa: 31-20, TCU to cover +14 against Oklahoma, Ball State covers -1 against Eastern Michigan


And on to Sunday’s NFL action:

Kevin: Colts/Texans: COLTS 31-17, Jaguars on ML to beat Dolphins, Steelers to cover -5 vs. Seahawks

Marc: Colts/Texans: COLTS 28-17, Cardinals to cover +3.5 vs. Browns,  Lions to cover +3.5 vs. Bengals, Bears to cover +5.5 vs. Packers

Jake: Colts/Texans: COLTS 27-13, Rams to cover -9.5 vs. Giants

Jeremiah: Colts/Texans:  COLTS 30-3, Chiefs to cover -6.5 vs. WFT

Do you agree or disagree?  You can check out the picks and predictions segment below (we were up against the clock so not all picks listed in the article were made on-air)! Be sure to listen to The Fan Morning Show with Kevin Bowen every weekday morning from 7-10am on 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan!

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