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If you are one of the many Pacers fans that don’t get Bally Sports on your cable or streaming package, you’ve finally got an option to watch games this upcoming season, but it will cost you.  The streaming package will run for $19.99 per month or $189.99 per year in order to stream Pacers games and the rest of the Bally Sports Indiana offerings.


In a world full of streaming services, a $20 per month price point is steep.  A $20 per month price point for fans to watch Pacers games with commercials still included?  That’s completely asinine.  Sure, there is other content on Bally Sports Indiana, but is anyone signing up to pay $20 per month for it if the Pacers weren’t involved?  Not likely.  Even with the Pacers involved, the price point is a huge turn off.  Personally, I have YouTube TV.  I’ve enjoyed the service but I knew when I cut the cord that I would lose Pacers games because BSI is not carried on any streaming TV services outside of DirecTV Stream.  I was disappointed but it was a sacrifice to lower the monthly cost of cable.  I’d love to watch the Pacers again but I’m not going to add another $20 a month for it.  I can’t justify it and I don’t think I’m in the minority.  One month of BSI+ is about a third of what I pay for YouTube TV.  85+ channels for $64.99 a month vs. $20 for one channel with one program I’d want to watch.  The choice is clear.

Is there any exclusive content you get as a subscriber?  Any pre or post-game shows or locker room content you can’t get anywhere else?  Can you replay the games or record them on a cloud DVR or do you have to watch them live only?  There are so many questions and not many answers at the moment.  One thing for sure is the $20 doesn’t get you any ad-free broadcast.  You’ll have to sit through commercials just like everyone else, something you usually avoid with a higher price per month.  If you’re unsure of the service but want to give it a trial run, you’ll get a grand total of 7 days to determine if the brand new service is worth keeping around before you have to start paying for it.

So Pacers fans without Bally Sports Indiana on their cable package have three options to watch their team: A) Pay $20 per month to get Bally Sports Indiana+.  B) Attend a Pacers game regularly or C) continue to listen to the radio broadcast and be blacked out from the TV broadcast for yet another season.

The die hards will always find a way to make it work financially but for those casual fans or fans who can’t afford the streaming service or to afford to attend games regularly, much like Bally Sports Indiana’s availability in the area, they’ll be blacked out.  In a world that is seeing more cord cutters and options than ever before it seems like a very poor business decision to unveil such a niche service that checks in near the top of the streaming service price point tiers.  You’re pricing out your fans, specifically your younger fans and demographics that may want to check in on the young gun Pacers squad.  That’s no way to maintain your fan base and it’s certainly no way for you to grow your fan base.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Fans will gravitate towards teams that are regularly available on TV and the Pacers will play second fiddle in their own market.

For more on the Pacers streaming service, Scott Agness of Fieldhouse Files joined Kevin & Query to give his thoughts on the announcement and price point, why fans are rightfully upset and a whole lot more.  That full interview can be heard in the link below and be sure to listen to Kevin & Query every weekday morning from 7-10 on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan!

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