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From my (Jake Query) IMS Radio perch atop the Northeast Vista, I’ve seen ya. I’ve seen ya pulling names from a hat and the driver’s name you  pull end up being your favorite for the next 500 miles.

So, for the 33 days leading up to the race, I figured I’d let ya know more about the PEOPLE in the cockpit or the people you may end up rooting for when you pull a name out of a hat. A couple things you might want to know about these drivers is…

  • Who shares YOUR passion?
  • Who likes YOUR favorite musician?
  • Whose story strikes a chord that connects beyond the strip of paper you pulled from the hat?

Strap in. Ride along for 33 days of “Get to know”.

Sage Karam – Dreyer & Reinbold Racing – Car #24

All You Need To Know Sage Karam.

It’s funny when you think about it. As a kid, Sage Karam was playing with the big boy toys. As an adult, he collects the toys of a kid.

He blames the pandemic. Perhaps it was boredom. Perhaps he was just going stir crazy. Either way, about 2 years ago Sage Karam began collecting Poke’mon cards. The Stormfront Charizard. Plaza Storm. Shining Fates. He tries to get them all.

They’re not all easy to find, to be honest. Some of those cards can be downright elusive. It’s fitting for his career. Those cards he started collecting were easy at first. The more Sage Karam invested, the harder the conquests became.

His racing story began on March 5, 1995 when Sage Rennie Karam was born in  Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Nazareth. Home of Mario Andretti. Kinda makes one born to race race, no?

Karam began racing go karts in upstate New York. After karting success, he landed a ride in the US F2000 Series with Andretti Autosport.  Wins in F2000 led him to a Star Mazda scholarship, which eventually landed him in the Indy Lights. He won a Lights championship for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports.

The adult playing kid games. It hasn’t always been that way. Like his High School prom. Sage Karam couldn’t attend.

Yep. The wrestling champ with the movie star looks didn’t make it to the 2014 Nazareth Area High School Senior Prom. Instead, he ran the Indy 500. He started in the 11th row, but finished with a top 10.  I Karam became the 2nd youngest driver to complete all 200 laps  in Indianapolis 500 history. The only to do so at a younger age? Fellow Nazareth native Marco Andretti.

Adult things.

They’re what Sage Karam has been forced to face in his racing career. Like that accident in his home track of Pocono. Karam was leading the race in 2015 when he lost control in Turn one. A large piece of debris made contact with Justin Wilson, fatally injuring the popular Brit. Secondary to the overall picture, it still put a halt into Karam’s career. His once promising trajectory took a back seat to Karam handling the trauma of the tragedy.

Resilient, Karam has endured. He logged his second career Top 10 a year ago, a career best 7th. He’s running stock cars full time these days, while joining Dennis Reinbold’s team each MAY FOR THE “500”.

Now married, Karam spends his free time with his wife and their 3 dogs. He is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, and still enjoys his favorite show, Breaking Bad.

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