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The 2022 NFL Draft begins next Thursday, April 28th and the Indianapolis Colts own the 42nd pick in this year’s draft order. So, what is Chris Ballard and the front office going to do with that pick? Address one of the holes on the offensive side of the football such as reinforcing the depth chart on the offensive line or finding an outside weapon at wide receiver? Does an already star-studded defensive unit get even stronger with another pass rusher or defensive back? There’s a general consensus around Indianapolis that there are two or three gaps in the roster that should be address with a 2nd round pick.

But what about quarterback?

I know what you’re thinking, why in the world would the Colts draft a signal caller when they just acquired veteran quarterback and former MVP, Matt Ryan. That’s a fair point. The Athletic’s Stephen Holder joined Kevin & Query on Friday morning to discuss where the Colts will use its draft capital and he didn’t completely rule out the idea of taking another quarterback to learn under the leadership of Ryan:

“I think they’re looking at the quarterbacks very seriously. People have asked me, ‘well there’s no way they’re taking a quarterback, right?’ Well, my answer to that is maybe. If there’s a quarterback they have just a complete compelling feeling about. If they have that feeling about somebody, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because if they take a quarterback in this draft, in the second round particularly, they love that guy. Because they certainly don’t have to…there’s no overwhelming need to do it, so if they do it that tells me they are thoroughly convinced about the guy. Now, they could be wrong, but I would give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being because that’s a pretty aggressive move. That tells me they must know something about the guy.”

It’s hard to argue against the idea that there are much more pressing issues in the Colts roster than at quarterback. However, if the front office gets swept off their feet by a young quarterback and he gets to spend a season or two learning from a 15-year veteran in Matt Ryan, maybe that’s not the worst way to set up what would, in theory, be the quarterback of the future in Indianapolis.

Between Matt Ryan, Stephon Gilmore and a host of other noticeable moves this offseason, the Colts have put themselves in a position to win the AFC South and make some noise in the playoffs. Should the Colts use this year’s pick to strengthen the roster this year or not completely rule out keeping the future in mind?

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