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If you grew up an Indianapolis Colts fan from 1998 onward, you probably thought finding a quarterback in the NFL Draft was an easy endeavor.

In fact, prior to Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement in 2019 modern Colts fans have only really had to suffer this torment twice in their life.

That’s because they bookended the Peyton Manning Era with another perceived (at the time) hall of famer in Andrew Luck.

The thought was that Indy had capped off 14 thrilling seasons (save 2011) with Manning only to catch lightning in a bottle again by having the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and taking Luck.

When you really look at the modern NFL, there have only been a few franchises that have been blessed enough to have something like that happen.

Think the 49ers with Joe Montana to Steve Young or the Packers with Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. Plus, in those situations they didn’t have a top pick in the draft like the Colts did.

My point is having back to back generational talents at QB has historically been an atypical situation.

The Andrew Luck selection was supposed to be one of those and lead to another decade-plus of championship caliber football in Indianapolis.

Then, the randomness of life got in the way. Luck called it a career after 7 seasons and the team has been back in the QB-less purgatory that so many teams call home ever since.

Since his departure Indy has been too good to earn the top pick in the draft and not good enough to win the AFC South (let alone a playoff game).

I want to be clear; the ground is significantly more stable with Matt Ryan under center. The Colts should have a strong chance to win the South, assuming they figure out Left Tackle and Wide Receiver before the season starts.

Ryan, however, is not the long term answer. That answer has to come from the Draft, but it’s easier said than done.

Why is it so hard to hit it out of the park when drafting a QB?

For the answers to that and more The Dan Dakich Show turned to former NFL QB Sean Salisbury.

Sean explained why the evaluation of young prospects, in particular quarterbacks, is one of the most challenging things in sports.

Plus, Sean gave us his thoughts on what the Houston Texans will be like next year and what Baker Mayfield should do now that Deshaun Watson is the new face of the Browns.

Catch Dan’s chat with Sean Salisbury below and don’t miss The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.


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