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When the Colts acquired Matt Ryan from the Falcons last week it marked a departure from a failed experiment with Carson Wentz and the arrival of a new era in Indianapolis.

You won’t find many people, myself included, that think Matt Ryan is by any stretch of the imagination a downgrade from Carson Wentz. The only question that should be in the minds of Colts fans is what does this signing mean for the future of the franchise.

If the goal is to get back in playoff contention and end a six year AFC South Championship drought then, so long as you add playmakers in the draft, the signing of Matt Ryan is a success.

If, however, the goal of bringing in Matt Ryan is to win a Super Bowl, then Colts fans should temper their expectations.

Wednesday on The Dan Dakich Show the talented Ryan Burr of ESPN joined the program to explain why the path the Colts are traveling down is one of the most foolish in all of football. Burr stresses the talent gaps that have not been closed, particularly at the quarterback position, between the Colts and true Super Bowl contenders like the Bills, Bengals, Chiefs and Chargers (to name a few).

Ryan also emphasizes what he views as the only strategy for long term success in the NFL; draft a quarterback, build from within, and hope you strike gold.

Oh, and if you make through the whole conversation Ryan hands out some bets for the Valero Texas Open and shares if he thinks Tiger Woods will play in The Masters next week.

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