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The Final Four is set to take place this Saturday night in New Orleans and there isn’t a Big Ten team to be found in the bunch. In fact, there wasn’t a Big Ten team to be found in the Elite Eight either. All in all, nine bids were awarded to the conference on Selection Sunday and the best any of them faired was the Sweet 16.


Disappointing is probably an understatement for a conference as prestigious as the Big Ten, but when you really look at the numbers the last two seasons, it’s even worse.

Since last year’s NCAA Tournament the conference has received a combined 18 bids and only Michigan last spring made it to the Elite Eight.


That opens the door for some fun to be made by other conferences at the expense of the Big Ten and that’s exactly what Mark Packer of the ACC Network did Tuesday on The Dan Dakich Show.

He even went as far as to suggest (jokingly) that next year the Selection Committee should cap the Big Ten at 5 teams.

In fairness, it has been a long time since the Big Ten has reached the top of the mountain in college hoops.

With the conference officially eliminated from contention this year, March Madness 2023 will mark 23 years since a Big Ten school last won it all (Michigan State 2000).

Once the jokes were out of the way, Mark took us through the strengths of both UNC and Duke and shared why he’s been so impressed with Tar Heels first year head coach Hubert Davis orchestrating this incredible turnaround.

Mark also spoke on the legendary Duke-UNC rivalry making its presence felt for the first time in the NCAA Tournament.

Later, Mark discussed how the Final Four on Saturday, which could be Coach K’s final college game, will be a legacy game for all involved.


Plus, Mark gave us his thoughts on Villanova-Kansas and whether or not he thinks the Wildcats can overcome the loss of Justin Moore.


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