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INDIANAPOLISEven before the trade occurred, new Colts cornerback Brandon Facyson thought a starting job could there for him in 2022.

On paper, that certainly looks to be true, especially after the Colts traded away Rock Ya-Sin.

Facyson comes to Indy with 13 career starts in 4 seasons, playing in Gus Bradley’s system throughout his NFL career. The Colts signed Facyson to a 1-year deal reportedly for $3.8 million.

With Ya-Sin in Las Vegas and Xavier Rhodes and T.J. Carrie remaining free agents, the Colts have 1,370 snaps to replace from the cornerback position.

Returning at corner from last year are Kenny Moore (1,063 snaps) and Isaiah Rodgers (525 snaps).

Given how the Colts cornerback position currently looks, Facyson should expect to have a great opportunity to start.

Those discussions occurred when the Colts pursued Facyson in free agency. Again, those talks were happening before Ya-Sin was traded to the Raiders for Yannick Ngakoue.

From a body type standpoint, Facyson is aligned more similar to the departing Ya-Sin and Rhodes, than the likes of Moore and Rodgers.

Facyson’s extensive history with Bradley is going to help his cause, too.

“I ultimately had like three teams really come after me, but in my head I always kind of knew where I wanted to be,” Facycson says in talking about his free agency. “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play with Gus and (defensive backs coach Ron Milus) for the past four years going on my fifth year this year. It definitely was a big impact on my decision on coming to Indianapolis

“It gives me an extreme deal of confidence that they trust me, that they love me that much – because it seems like I just keep following those guys around. It definitely makes me feel good. It gives me self-confidence and I appreciate those guys because I love being coached by Gus and Milo and they’ve been great my whole career. I’m still just learning off of those guys and still just trying to better myself every single day as a player, as a man.”

An undrafted free agent out of Virginia Tech in 2018, Facyson first teamed up with Bradley and the Chargers. After playing for Bradley from 2018-20, Facyson then made the transition over to the Raiders, joining Las Vegas last October. And now, for a third time in 5 NFL seasons, Bradley and Facyson are together.

Facyson, who stands 6-2 and weighs 197, has mostly been a reserve in his career (along with special teams duty), but did start 9 games for the Raiders last year.

In coverage, Facyson allowed a 55.6 completion percentage and had an impressive 13 passes defensed last season. He did struggle as a tackler.

Pending other roster moves this offseason, it’s quite possible that Facyson will be a starting outside corner for Indy in 2022.

“I’m a bigger-type corner so I definitely like to get in the faces of people,” the 27-year-old Facyson says. “I like to be up there and comfortable pressing, but I also don’t mind playing zone. It’s something that we do in this system. It’s something that I’ve grown to get accustomed to. I’ve always been a press corner since my days at Virginia Tech. That’s just something that’s comfortable to me.”

“I love this system. It gives us a chance to make plays on the ball, gives us a chance to get in the face of receivers and not let them have any easy catches to say the least. I think this is going to fair well for all of us because being a part of Gus’ (Bradley) system for the past four years, I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning. Like I said, I’m excited to be an aide to my new teammates and things of that nature. So, I think you can expect a lot from the secondary this year. I think you can expect some dogs to go out there and fight every play, tackle. I don’t think any of us are afraid to tackle. So, I just feel like we’re up for the task at any point.”