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Men lie, women lie, and numbers can be misleading. The only way to really know if somebody can play is by looking at what the game film shows.

When scouting the most important position in football, speaking with somebody that could teach a Masterclass in breaking down game tape is essential.

That’s why after the Colts traded for Matt Ryan, we here at The Dan Dakich Show turned to the legendary Greg Cosell of NFL Films and ESPN’s NFL Matchup to find out exactly what Indy’s newest QB brings to the table.


Cosell went over the things that make Ryan a top player at the position and why he feels the Colts have the type of foundation in place to help him excel. Also, Greg explained why he thinks Matt Ryan is better than any option rumored to Indy over the last few weeks.


Plus, Cosell spoke on how important a strong O-line and a dominant running back are to having next level success with Matt Ryan and how play action played a major role in his 2016 MVP Season.


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