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If you were like me, you took in All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution pay-per-view on Sunday night that emanated from Orlando’s Addition Financial Arena.  If you weren’t like me, then maybe you clicked on this article out of morbid curiosity or your youngest child has taken over your computer or phone temporarily.  Regardless, thanks for the clicks! If enough of you enjoy the wrestling content then hopefully I will be able to continue to bring you all some quality content and analysis.  Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view.

What a night it was for All Elite Wrestling! Great matches, magnificent storytelling, violence, humor, surprises, memorable moments and quite possibly the best top to bottom pay-per-view AEW has put on in their young history, which given the excellence of most of their pay-per-view events, is saying something.

For time sake, I’m going to forgo the Buy-In pre-show matches.  They got the job done as far as keeping me excited for the pay-per-view and any time we can get Hook with the hair and the Action Bronson entrance music to make an appearance then it’s always a good time.

You know a card is stacked when the opening match features Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston.  These two veterans sold a story of one guy reaping all the benefits of a long wrestling career: millions of dollars, accolades, memorable matches that span multiple decades and companies vs. the long-time veteran who, while he’s very well known in wrestling circles, never achieved the worldwide fame and generational wealth that his counterpart did. Now they meet to see if Kingston can at least earn the respect of Jericho and finally prove he should have been on his radar a long time ago.  It was a great opener that had the crowd hooked from the opening bell to when Kingston eventually got the win.  Yet, the post-match did not end with the mutual respect that we were expecting.  Jericho, despite saying he would acknowledge and respect Kingston were he to beat him, saw Kingston’s hand outstretched and mouthed the word “I can’t do it” before exiting the ring to boos from the crowd.  This story isn’t over, which is fine by me.

Up next was the triple threat match for the AEW Tag Team Championships.  The defending champion Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) against the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and reDragon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish).  The champs were working at a disadvantage the majority of the match as the Bucks and reDragon used their rocky partnership to their advantage.  It all came to a head when the Bucks attempted to win the titles before O’Reilly broke up the pinfall.  Once things broke down between the Bucks and reDragon, Jurassic Express was able to take advantage and escape with a victory.  As expected, these teams brought it in a very fast-paced and action-packed match.  Jurassic Express have been solid champions and can now look ahead to other opponents like FTR or The Acclaimed while something tells me the Young Bucks and reDragon will be starting a program of their own in the near future.

After back-to-back excellent matches, I expected a cool down match of some sort but color me surprised when it was time for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match featuring Keith Lee, Orange Cassidy, Wardlow, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks & Christian Cage with the winner earning a future shot at the TNT Championship, currently held by Sammy Guevara.  Of the six competitors, I felt five had legit chances of winning, with Christian Cage being the exception.  Not that I don’t like Christian, but it seemed like he had the least compelling case for a victory.  The match was all over the place and I mean that literally.  Orange Cassidy took an insane bump from Keith Lee where Lee threw him over the ropes and to the outside of the ring on top of Starks and Cage but his head seemed to bounce off of the thin padding.  Wardlow powerbombed Starks from one ladder onto another before securing the brass ring hung above the ring to secure the victory and future title shot.  There is no question that Wardlow is coming into his own and quickly becoming a fan favorite.  It wouldn’t be the last we’d see of the big man tonight either.

Following that match, was the TBS Women’s Championship between champion Jade Cargill and challenger Tay Conti.  Cardgill entered the match a perfect 28-0 and came out in the first (but not last) video game tribute attires of the night.  Her look echoed that of Jade from Mortal Kombat and then she stunned the crowd and Conti by giving her opponent a kiss to start the match.  A tribute to the kiss of death fatality in the game perhaps? It was definitely the shortest match to that point but it was a fun showing for both women with Cardgill getting the victory and running her perfect record to 29-0.  Cardgill is a legit star in the making in the company.  She’s physically impressive, great in the ring and on the mic and she’s accompanied by the slime ball “Smart” Mark Sterling.  I can’t wait to see who she goes up against next and who could eventually be her first loss in the company.  I don’t think it’s coming any time soon and I could see her being the female version of Goldberg for awhile.

Up next, was the match I was looking forward to all night.  The feud that currently had the best storyline in pro wrestling.  It was time for the Dog Collar Match between CM Punk and MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the uninitiated).  This storyline has blurred the lines between real life and professional wrestling so well that at one point it made MJF, the best heel (bad guy) in the business, a sympathetic figure. His promo where he recounted a time in high school when he battled learning disabilities as well as a lack of friends but turned to pro wrestling, specifically the work of CM Punk, as a sort of guiding light to get through the truly dark parts of high school was truly one of the best promos I’ve ever heard.  No doubt there were actual traumas in that bit of storytelling as he welled up with tears while telling it.  The real life interaction between Punk and a young MJF, forever captured in a picture during a meet and greet only further brought authenticity to the story.  Punk’s departure from wrestling not only left a hole in a lot of fans hearts but was the catalyst of MJF’s villain origin story as he took it as a sleight of Punk quitting on him and thus convinced him to  give up football to pursue his dream of being a professional wrestler.  It has been completely compelling and must-watch TV.  The match itself had a lot to live up to and boy, did it.

Even the entrances were great.  From MJF faking out the crowd by using CM Punk’s “Cult of Personality” entrance before transitioning to his own to CM Punk paying tribute to his days in Ring Of Honor as he entered with AFI’s “Miseria Cantare”.  The match was an expected bloodbath, with Punk bleeding like a stuck pig from his forehead, his face shrouded in a crimson mask.  He and MJF exchanged strikes, whipping each other with the chain that connected them by the dog collars around their necks.  MJF grabbed a mic at one point and began to tell Punk to quit just like he did before, Punk retorted with something I won’t write out at the moment and the mayhem continued.  There were a ton of near falls and near tap outs via submission, it all led to the crescendo of the match: after a hellacious spot from the top rope that sent both men through a bed of thumbtacks, MJF called for his insurance policy, Wardlow.  Fresh off of his victory earlier in the night, Wardlow sauntered to the ring as MJF screamed for his Dynamite Diamond ring, the piece of jewelry that had bloodied Punk just days earlier.  Wardlow, who had been the receiving end of countless verbal belittlings from MJF for months, couldn’t find the ring in his pocket.  This distraction allowed Punk to hit a Go To Sleep finisher on MJF.  Suddenly, Wardlow checked his other pock and surprise surprise there was the ring.  He made eye contact with Punk, set the ring on the mat and watched Punk put the ring on and make contact with MJF’s head before getting the pinfall victory.  It was a brutal match that won’t be for everyone given the level of blood but damn, I loved it.  Perfect storytelling, an old school wrestling feel and a finish that more than satisfied.  I’m not sure if this is the end of Punk vs. MJF but it certainly seems like the beginning for MJF vs. Wardlow.

The TNT Women’s Championship match between Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Thunder Rosa was up next.  This was probably the only match that I would consider a letdown.  Britt Baker has been an amazing champion but her matches as of late have played out in very similar fashion over the past few months.  Outside interference from her cronies Jamie Hayter and Rebel were once again heavily involved in Baker’s victory.  Thunder Rosa was basically in a 3-on-1 handicap match the whole time and while at times it looked like she could persevere, she was unable to and the DMD’s title reign continues.  This definitely feels like it’s heading towards another match with these two with a stipulation banning Hayter and Rebel from ringside and should they get involved it leading to Britt forfeiting the title.

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson was up next.  A match between two guys with a long history, from their days that even pre-dated their time in WWE.  Danielson wants the two vets to team up and help make AEW better but Moxley’s motto is he “doesn’t stand side by side with nobody unless he bleeds with them first”.  Both guys have vastly different styles: Moxley is the hard-hitting lunatic while Danielson is the technician that can put an opponent in a thousand different holds.  The match was hard-hitting and violent and ended with Moxley countering a triangle choke into a pin, stunning both Danielson and the crowd.  Danielson was pissed and immediately he and Moxley started brawling after the bell.  Refs attempted to break it up but to no avail.  All of a sudden, the crowd erupted at the sight of William Regal emerging from the side of the stage and muttering expletives as he entered the ring.  He separated both men, slapped the piss out of Moxley.  Danielson laughed until Regal got in his face and slapped him as well.  He then told both men to shake hands, which they begrudgingly did.  Could this lead to a tag team? What’s William Regal’s role in all of this?  It’s all very interesting how it all will play out.

Up next: The match that ahead of the card went way under my radar.  It seemed like a match that was going to be used to get as many guys on the card as they could.  Darby Allin, Sting and TNT Champion Sammy Guevara against Matt Hardy, Andrade El Idolo and Isiah Kassidy.  Boy, this match was a lot of fun.  Pure chaos with guys flying all over the place and beating the hell out of each other.  Sammy Guevara sent he and Isiah Kassidy through a pair of tables with a Spanish Fly from the top of the entrance stage.  Sting, who is 62 years old, was in the crowd with Andrade and after fighting him off dove from the top of an entrance way through three tables. Meanwhile, in the ring Darby Allin dropped Matt Hardy through a chair with a Scorpion Death Drop and followed it up with a Coffin Drop to secure the victory. Fun, wild and a blast to watch.

It was main event time between the two Adams.  AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Adam Cole.  The crowd had me laughing at the dueling “Let’s Go Adam!” “Adam Sucks” chants to start the match.  Both men gave their all in this match.  Tons of action and counters.  I can’t even count how many near falls there were.  Cole’s running mates, reDragon would emerge at one point and try to help Cole get the win before the Dark Order would chase them off and keep the contest 1-on-1 once again.  It became the battle between finishers at that point as Cole was trying to finish Page off with his patented Last Shot while Page tried to connect with his Buckshot Lariat.  It took not one but two Buckshot Lariats by Page to finally finish off Adam Cole for the “Hangman” to continue his title reign.

All in all, AEW Revolution was a great pay-per-view.  One I was happy to plunk down $50 for and one that I definitely feel I got my moneys worth.  There are so many intriguing storylines, some that ended, some that extended and some that are just beginning. We didn’t even talk about Shane “Swerve” Strickland officially signing with the company on top of William Regal.  It will be interesting to see where both of those men fit within the company.  This may very well be the best AEW pay-per-view to date and Revolution could become their annual version of Wrestlemania if they want to.

I hope you enjoyed this dive into pro wrestling.  I welcome the feedback and would love to write and talk more wrestling in the future. Wrestlemania is coming up and I would love to give a write-up on that as well.

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