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Somehow, someway, after David Bell’s supreme 2021 season with the Purdue Boilermakers, it seems as though his name is falling on NFL Draft boards.

At the NFL Combine last week, Bell was joined alongside wide receiver talents such as John Metchie, Jameson Williams, Chris Olave, and Treylon Burks. Because the Combine was in Indy, there was obviously a strong contingent of press members around Bell’s table during media availability.

If the Combine was not in the 317 (which is sounds like it may be heading out of town after all), I’m not sure that would be the case. Based on what we saw this past Fall, where Bell was barely sniffing any national attention, the Boilermaker great seems to still be slept on.

If you’re David Bell’s camp, that’s not good. If you’re the Indianapolis Colts, it’s great.

Chris Ballard talked a lot about needing to upgrade the Colts wide receiver room this off-season. If they’re serious about that, they’ve got a homegrown star literally waiting to blossom. Bell is the guy for the Colts.

Now to be fair, to say Bell is flying under the radar because of his 40-yard dash time, for example, is too critical to say. The receiver core in this year’s draft is not only deep, it’s quick. Just take a look at Tyquan Thornton.

Bell was clocked at 4.62 seconds. Again, it won’t wow you, but it shouldn’t be a concern. When you’re talking about elite catchers of the football itself, you won’t find anybody better this spring.

Aidan O’Connell had a tremendous year at Purdue and his story should be inspiring to any young kid who wants to play quarterback in big boy college football.

But just like how DeVonta Smith wouldn’t have won the Heisman Trophy without Mac Jones getting him the ball, O’Connell would not be getting the praise he does without David Bell making the show-stopping catches that he did nearly every Saturday.

If Carson Wentz is back at quarterback for the Colts next season, he needs a hell of a lot more than Michael Pittman Jr. as his number one option; And that’s nothing against Pittman. The supporting cast just was not up to par, which is the story of Saturday Night Live since Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg left.

Bell would not only make Wentz look better, he would spread the field for the Colts and give Jonathan Taylor even more of a window to dominate up the middle.

This is what Pro Football Focus had to say about Bell’s draft stock.

“At 6-foot-2-inches and 205 pounds, Bell has the requisite size to break tackles at the next level and has lined up all over the field for Purdue. His consistent production starting at such a young age and as the team’s No. 1 offensive weapon have positioned him as a solid Day 2 prospect.”

If he truly is a Day 2 of the draft guy, there’s no excuse for the Colts to not act immediately.

The Blue and White don’t select until pick number 47. If Bell is there, Ballard shouldn’t even have to think. Bell would immediately become a “Jim Irsay Guy” by his personality, heritage, talent, and what he can do for the community, which once again, is his own. Imagine the jersey sales too.

Everything just seems right when you imagine David Bell with the horseshoe helmet on.

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