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It’s been 89 days since the MLB and its owners locked out the MLB Players Association and things seem no closer to ending now than they did on Day 1.

The players are fighting for a fair slice of the league revenue, especially to take care of the majority of players that don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to fall back on, while the owners are trying to squeeze out every last cent they can.

For a sport that appears by many to be dying out, one would think that ownership would want to do everything in its power to make sure a season occurs without interruption. Alas, things are never as easy as we want them to be.

We wanted to get a better understanding of the ongoing talks between the MLB and MLBPA so The Dan Dakich Show turned to 1990 World Series champion, with the Cincinnati Reds, Rob Dibble.

Rob shared with us if he felt the MLB was actually going to start canceling games after today or if it was just a ploy to put pressure on the players. Rob also examined what the players are fighting for and why the MLB owners are so determined to not give an inch.


Also, Rob took us through the impact these negotiations are having on Minor League Baseball and why he thinks the Minor Leagues would be no more if the MLB Owners had their way.

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