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Over the weekend, Carson Wentz posted on Instagram from Southern California where he was participating in an offseason workout with Colts wide receivers Michael Pittman Jr. and Dezmon Patmon. As the future of the quarterback in Indianapolis is certainly in question, it sparks conversation about what should be made of this kind of post and workout. Are the three players working out because they, at this point, are all on the same team so it’s simply convenient to get in repetitions? Does that mean the Colts front office has changed their tune or come back around on the Wentz era in Indy stretching more than one season? Does it mean nothing whatsoever and we are overreacting?

For what it’s worth, all three, including overreaction, are fair questions to ponder. And all three are parlayed into deeper discussion on Monday’s Kevin & Query because, let’s face it, it’s much easier to believe and trust in your quarterback in late February when the season is over. However, Wentz fell flat on multiple occasions late in the season when the blue and white needed him the most. So, the question is: when it comes down to it, does the locker room here in Indy believe in Wentz? Here’s what Kevin Bowen had to share on the subject:

“I don’t think Carson Wentz is a bad teammate. I think he’s a guy that his teammates respect how he plays the game. I also think that he’s not necessarily adored by the entire locker room. And I think when you get into some game settings, especially late in the season, a lot of teammates looked at each other and were like ‘oh, gosh, this is what Philadelphia witnessed. this is what our friends that play for the Eagles experienced.’ So, I think that’s where the divide is. I don’t think there is a hatred for him or major division with him. I just don’t think he reaches every corner of the locker room.”

KB and Jake Query go on to discuss whether or not they think the rest of the Colts players trust Wentz to make the necessary plays when they absolutely need them from their quarterback. Like it or not, there is a leadership quality demanded of an NFL quarterback this is a step above every other position in professional sports. There are 32 professional athletes in the world that must have the complete faith and trust from the rest of the team. Does Wentz fit that criteria?

It’s the end of February and the quarterback dominos haven’t started falling in the NFL quite yet. Once one decision is made, the others will fall into place around the league and the Colts chance to get another starter-proven signal caller probably won’t come until those dominos start coming down. Until then, Carson Wentz is still the quarterback in Indianapolis, so perhaps a workout with Colts wide receivers is just that, a workout with teammates and coworkers.

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