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Indianapolis – With reports that QB Carson Wentz won’t return to the Colts for a 2nd season, that will make 5 different starting QB’s under center for Frank Reich in his 5 seasons of Head Coach. A turnover rate that is unmatched in the NFL for the position. The Colts led the league in Pro Bowlers for 2021, sending 7 different players to the game. But without a franchise QB and a collapse in the final two weeks of the season, fans and even players on the team couldn’t take pride in the Pro Bowl.


With a roster full of talent according to the media and peers in the NFL but without a franchise QB, would the Colts be willing to part with some of their Pro Bowl talent if that meant bringing in a long term QB to Indianapolis?


JMV asked longtime Colts Reporter with CBS 5 & Fox 59 Mike Chappell that very question:


“The question would be, is anyone untouchable? And the answer has to be no. The only untouchable player on your team should be the QB and in this case he’s very touchable so to speak. So I would say if someone says you should trade Quenton Nelson or Darius Leonard or Jonathan Taylor or DeForest Buckner what are you getting back for them? The Colts need to look and ask themselves who is the most “untouchable” player on their team. With the way this team’s built it would be hard to prioritize who you would least like to give up…I would say this isn’t a fire sale though, what good is it going to do to bring in THE QB if it means gutting all your other talent.”


If you missed any of JMV’s conversation with Mike Chappell listen to the podcast below! They dive into a potential Wentz trade partner, if this situation has turned into an embarrassing fiasco for Chris Ballard and Frank Reich, and more!