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As cool as it was to have the entirety of the 2021 NCAA Tournament held in Indianapolis, it ended up being pretty predictable.

UCLA’s run to the Final Four was something to watch. They climbed all the way from the First Four to get there, but finishing with Baylor and Gonzaga dueling it out for the National Championship was what most of us assumed, right?

Based on what we have seen over the last couple of months, it might not be so easy to get your bracket’s Final Four correct this year.

Nobody can stay at #1.

Baylor? No.

Purdue? No.

Gonzaga? No.

Auburn? No.

We don’t have that team like Baylor last season that dominated their way through the college basketball season; And that’s perfectly okay.

It makes March Madness exactly what it should be… nuts.

Think about all the storylines that we already have heading into the Tournament, and even before Conference Championships are decided.

Coach K in his final March Madness run, and returning to The Big Dance along with John Calipari. Can you believe neither one of those personalities even got a sniff at the tourney last year?

Will Indiana make a last run in the Big Ten to make it into the field of 68? How about Notre Dame competing to possibly win the ACC?

Here’s my personal favorite storyline though. After making it to the tournament last March with Iona, Rick Pitino’s team out of the MAAC is even better this year. Yes, Pitino has a real shot at the Sweet 16 this year. Pitino being in the tournament last year with no Coach K or Calipari was unbelievable.

More than anything, college hoops always delivers. Tension is starting to heat up too.


There’s just an inkling in my mind that March Madness circa 2022 is going to be wild. Let’s see.

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