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(00-2:53) Greg Rakestraw is back for another week of Soccer Saturday. Greg opens the show with an overview of the upcoming schedule this week, and previews today’s show.

(5:56-18:58) Bobby Edwards, who recently retired, joins the show to talk about his transition to coaching within weeks of retiring. Edwards explains how the move came about, and he touches on the coaching experience he had while still playing soccer. Then, Greg asks Edwards about the adjustment to being on the sideline, rather than on the field.

(21:59-31:20) Indy Eleven’s Tim Trilk is featured on this segment of the show. Trilk walks Greg through his thought process over the off-season and the thought of him making the jump in leagues. The goalkeeper talks about how fast the game has been in the training and friendlies with Indy Eleven. Also, Greg asks Trilk about his past experience playing in Chattanooga, with multiple clubs in the same city.

(34:22-46:03) Indianapolis native and Pike graduate, Justin Ingram joins the show. First, Greg talks with Ingram about the process after graduating, along with the road to Indy. Ingram speaks on the adjustment after arriving later than most players. Next, Justin details his college career, and Greg asks about how soccer is part of his family.

(49:04-56:31) Greg concludes the show with a look at the Champions League. He previews next week’s show with conversation about the MLS season, and finishes with a reminder about the countdown to Indy Eleven regular season.


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