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The NFL Season has come and gone and now you find yourself pondering what to do with your Sundays.

Work around the house?


Exercise more?

Sounds tiring.

Spend more time with your family?

Send help.

Now before you do anything rash, allow me to offer you a solution; Golf. No I’m not talking about playing it (although that is a great way to spend an afternoon), I’m talking about BETTING ON IT! (responsibly of course)

Sure, watching golf on a Sunday might put you to sleep, (it shouldn’t), but wouldn’t it be great to wake up from that nap with some winnings in your sportsbook account?

With that in mind, throughout the PGA Tour season we are going to be talking with the legendary Ryan Burr of ESPN who has his best bets for every event The Tour has to offer. I’m talking outright winners, Top 5 / Top 10 / Top 20 finishers, longshots, and everything in between.

This week Burrstradamus previewed The Genesis Invitational an event currently organized by Tiger Woods. That means some of the best players in the game will be participating and you can get some of those big names at incredible value.

For all of his selections, listen to Dan’s chat with Ryan Burr below, but make sure you place those bets NOW because the tournament starts tomorrow.


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