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Indianapolis – Colts fans won’t forget what some of the offensive lines late in the Ryan Grigson era and early in the Chris Ballard era looked like. Everything changed in 2018 with the Colts spending their #6 overall pick on Quenton Nelson and their 2nd round pick on RT Braden Smith. Chris Ballard has put an emphasis on building from the line out using premium draft picks in the process.


After seeing the success the Cincinnati Bengals had with a porous offensive line but elite playmakers and a top tier QB, JMV had to ask The Athletics‘ Zak Keefer a question most fans wouldn’t have thought was even an option. Should, and would, Chris Ballard and the Colts trade someone on their offensive line for more skill position help?


“I would! They have some really good pieces on the offensive line but you can find another lineman. I was here during the Andrew Luck years and I understand how much of a problem it was for those teams. But I look at this team against this team against Las Vegas and vs Jacksonville and the elite offensive line we were supposed to be seeing was nowhere to be seen for 1. and then 2. when you have no skill position players on the outside, there’s just no where to go…If you’re the Colts, what other assets do you have to get you those skill position players you desperately need? I wouldn’t put it past anyone in that building to make a move if you have to.”


The Colts finished the season 26th in passing yards per game, ahead of the Browns, Texans, Panthers, Bears, Giants, and Saints. Would another playmaker on the outside help whoever is under center for the Colts in 2022? It makes sense that Chris Ballard takes a serious look at perhaps moving a key offensive lineman to make that happen.


If you weren’t able to listen to the full conversation, Zak and JMV discussed the Chris Mortenson report that Wentz’s future with the Colts looks “bleak”, Jim Irsay’s involvement in the offseason, if Chris Ballard will be forced by Irsay to spend more in free agency, and more! Take a listen to the full interview below.


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