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Remember when the Colts traded for Carson Wentz nearly one year ago?

Nearly one year later, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Carson Wentz experiment in Indianapolis could be coming to an end after one season. He used the term “bleak” when referring to the outlook of Wentz wearing a Colts uniform next season.

Who is to blame for the Wentz trade? You can make a strong case for Head Coach Frank Reich for believing in Wentz when nobody else did or even General Manager Chris Ballard for believing his head coach? Either way, the Colts are now in a difficult spot. They don’t have a first round pick (again) in the 2022 NFL Draft to give up for someone like Russel Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, have to eat $15M in cap space if he’s on the roster still by March 19th, and could be searching for another quarterback for the fourth consecutive year. When considering all of that, does this make it the worst trade in franchise history? Dan Dakich thinks it does.

“I’m just shocked. I’ll say it. This might be, the Carson Wentz experiment, might be the worst move the Colts have EVER made. You guys are mad about Andre Johnson. This is the worst move, if they get rid of him, the Indiana Colts have EVER made.” Dakich emphatically stated on Monday’s show.

The phone lines lit up with callers agreeing with Dan, disagreeing with him, and answering the question as to who is to blame for the trade. Is the Wentz trade worse than trading offensive tackle Chris Hinton, wide receiver Andre Rison, a 1991 first round pick and a fifth round pick to the Falcons in 1990 for the first overall pick in the NFL Draft? That pick turned out to be Warren Central’s Jeff George. He played four seasons for the Colts with a record of 14-35 as the starter and threw more interceptions (46) than touchdowns (41) before being traded to Atlanta.

Former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury even weighed in on the conversation during Monday’s appearance on the Dan Dakich Show. You can listen to their conversation by following the link below along with hearing what Colts fans had to say about the situation the Colts have found themselves in.