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It’s a fair question that was brought up back on Kevin & Query in early January by Stephen Holder of The Athletic, who had mentioned that the Colts could create $7 million dollars more in cap space by waving goodbye to Carson Wentz ahead of March 19, when an additional $7 million in his contract becomes guaranteed.  Wentz is due $15 million whether he’s on the Colts roster or not next season but to guarantee another $7 million to a guy the front office may not be fully onboard with is a decision worth monitoring.

The issue picked up steam from a national level when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen brought it to air during ESPN’s pre-game coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl.


So what will the Colts do?  We were joined by ESPN analyst and former Colts center Jeff Saturday on Monday morning to recap the Super Bowl and get his thoughts on the situation.  Needless to say, there is a lot the Colts have to figure out from now until March 19th.

“They need to let everything play out.  What quarterbacks are really on the market?  They’re going to have to long play this to make sure they get the right body in place.” – Jeff Saturday

It’s the biggest question mark of the off-season just like it was heading into the 2021 regular season: Is Carson Wentz the guy?  Only Jim Irsay, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich can make that decision and with a free agent quarterback market that is underwhelming to say the least it could lead to some inventive moves from the front office to get out from under Wentz if they choose to do so.

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