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We interrupt this NBA Trade Deadline Frenzy to bring you an update on the Major League Baseball lockout.

The update is that it’s going nowhere fast. As I told you last month, the blame for potentially having to can Spring Training is a shared blame between the owners, players, and Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Here’s what has stop immediately; The MLB shooting themselves in the foot nearly everyday with stupid comments to the media.

Remember when the MLB was supposed to be the first thing back to action during the COVID summer of 2020? Everything was lined up great. Fights with no crowds in the UFC were happening, we were all watching ‘The Last Dance’, and baseball seemed to be ready to get back.

That was until money got involved. Oh it’s always the money, isn’t it?

Because of the greediness that exists in baseball, the Big Leagues got back in early July, just as the NBA Bubble in Orlando was heating up.

The MLB got crushed by its inability to get out of its own way.

Once again, that looks to be the case. If games are missed to start the season, the disastrous outcome won’t be to the game itself, it will be to how it is perceived by the public.

Baseball is already struggling. That’s no secret. What is Manfred going to do to make sure HIS league doesn’t implode again?

Well, that’s a start. The Designated Hitter in both leagues was entertaining in 2020. That will get people talking at the very least.

It’s February 10. Pitchers and Catchers are supposed to report to Spring Training in less than a week. For now, nobody on a 40-man roster is allowed to do so.

All sides must join together and settle things.

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