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Is Aaron Rodgers to the Colts a pipe dream?

On paper, you would think so. But hey, this is the NFL.

One thing is for sure. If Jim Irsay is serious about making a quarterback change from Carson Wentz, (and I mean more serious than liking some random dude’s tweet in the middle of the night), then he’s going to have to grab more than just the checkbook.

Irsay and Chris Ballard are going to have to part ways with any glimpse of what they have for the immediate future. If they’re willing to do so, maybe it’s attainable.

I guess Rodgers isn’t building a house in Nashville to specifically sign with the Titans. After all, he did say on Pat McAfee’s show that he will fly to Indy when he officially makes his decision on his future.

What is in the Colts’ future though?

Look at the Matthew Stafford deal to the Los Angeles Rams. Stafford was dealt for multiple first round picks, along with a viable starting quarterback in Jared Goff. The Detroit Lions got a solid deal. Stafford wasn’t going to do anything else in the Motor City either.

Now let’s connect that with Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers are not in the same position as Detroit. The Lions stink. They obviously weren’t going to compete in 2021 and maybe won’t even be in a position to win more than five games for a couple more years.

The Packers don’t need to deal Rodgers. If they trade him, Jordan Love is their quarterback and they’re going to take a dip. They can use that in negotiations. If Ballard goes to the table to ask about Rodgers, the Colts are going to need to pay at least two first round picks right? Same as Stafford. But then what else?

You would assume the Packers would ask for an additional first rounder because of the status of Green Bay’s squad and that they are still in a winning window. What if they want four first round picks? You doing that deal?

Rodgers in Indy would surely attract top wide receiver talent to the 317 as well. Hell, maybe him and Davante Adams are a package deal. But again, that’s four first round picks. Any and all future aspirations for the Colts to draft top players for years would be over.

But look at the present. Aaron Rodgers joined alongside Jonathan Taylor in the backfield; Throwing to a bolstered receiving core with a healthy offensive line, along with a ravaging new defense led by Gus Bradley.

Decisions, decisions.