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INDIANAPOLISThe Marlon Mack situation last year was one of the most cordial trade requests in NFL history, with no move taking place.

Mack finished the 2021 season with the Colts, but he was a healthy scratch in 11 games and didn’t have a single carry in the final two months of the season.

Given that Mack wanted to be traded last year, it appears this relationship will be over once free agency commences on March 16th.

A combination of Jonathan Taylor being drafted in April 2020 (and then becoming a star) along with Mack tearing his Achilles in that ’20 season opener put an end to a Colts/Mack marriage that was once on promising ground.

Following a 1,000-yard campaign by Mack in 2019, the thought of the Colts inking their young running back to a second contract wasn’t that farfetched.

Things started to change though beginning with that Taylor draft pick, Mack’s subsequent devastating injury and further investment into Nyheim Hines (who is signed through 2024).

Mack averaged a career-worse 3.6 yards per carry in his 28 attempts last season.

He was passed up on the depth chart for undrafted Deon Jackson as the third running back behind Taylor and Nyheim Hines.

Less than a month away from turning 26 years old, Mack should be looking for a running back room that has a bit more open competition, trying to show that he can re-gain his old form as he reaches the 2-year mark post tearing his Achilles.

The Mack situation is another reminder of why running back investment is a murky situation.

As a fourth-round pick by Chris Ballard in 2017, Mack had a really nice first three seasons.

However, the one-year contract the Colts re-signed Mack with last year didn’t turn into the results either party was imagining.

With that, it’s time for Mack to officially move on and try to re-jump his NFL career elsewhere.