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(0:00-7:07) Greg Rakestraw is rolling on another edition of Soccer Saturday on 93.5 and 107.5. Rake opens the show with the weather and how 5 degrees is apparently World Cup Qualifier weather. Then, dives into the Indy Eleven, new personnel added to the squad and sets the agenda for a busy Saturday morning on Indy’s weekly soccer show. It was announced earlier this week that the W League team representing the Indy Eleven will be called, you guessed it, Indy Eleven! One badge, one brand regardless of which team is on the pitch between the men’s, women’s or Academy team.

(10:08-21:23) The head coach of the Indy Eleven Mark Lowry joins the show in the second segment to talk about some of the new roster moves the Eleven have made ahead of the 2022 season. Greg and Coach Lowry talk about what positions or skillsets the team is trying to solidify in the next month or so before taking pitch for the beginning of the regular season. Lowry stresses depth, specifically at the goalkeeping position and providing more firepower in the goal-scoring category. Finally, the conversation concludes with how important the preseason games are for the squad and the ludicrous amounts of snow that we got in Indiana this week. Rakestraw finishes up with a update from the FA Cup.

(24:24-34:44) Stefano Pinho joins the program after signing with the Indy Eleven earlier this week. The veteran forward was very rudely welcomed by the city’s weather this week, but more importantly, Pinho talks about why Indianapolis was the right place to continue his career in the United States and what he remembers about playing here as a part of the visiting team over the years. Finally, Pinho talks about why he wanted to come and play for Mark Lowry. Then, Rakestraw gives some background on the newest forward for the Indy Eleven.

(37:45-46:15) Rakestraw turns his attention to CONCACAF and the US Men’s National Team. Rakestraw touches on where the US’ three qualifying matches took place in the window, specifically the game in St. Paul, Minnesota in freezing temperature that saw several Honduras players leave the field because of the weather. Greg takes a look around the rest of CONCACAF and the upcoming matches in the next qualifying window in March.

(49:16-56:50) For the final segment, Rake talks the Indy Eleven. Not the men’s or academy team but the women’s team that will represent the club in the W League. He breaks down the schedule for the Eleven women’s team and the home opener for the squad.

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