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Roster construction is a frequent topic of conversation around the Indianapolis Colts. For good reason, there are questions about Chris Ballard’s approach to building a roster and where his priorities fall. Since he took the job, his priority has been, among other things, the offensive line. That can be seen in Ballard’s draft picks as well as where a lot of the salary cap is tied up.

Do the Colts spend too much money on the offensive line? Here’s what Kevin Bowen has to say on Friday’s Kevin & Query:

“The Bill Polian-Ryan Grigson approach to building an offensive line is much different than the Chris Ballard approach to building an offensive line. Grigson and Polian think you don’t need to invest a whole lot, particularly in the interior of the o-line. You have to sacrifice some spots. That’s where they’re willing to sacrifice. Ballard, clearly not willing to sacrifice…the Colts o-line, their cap numbers for this past season; $7.9, $7.7, $7.5, $6.4, $6.2 [million].”

Both Polian and Grigson were willing to take a hit on the interior of the offensive line for the sake of other position groups. Ballard isn’t. Polian’s roster construction ultimately led to a Super Bowl. However, Grigson’s inability to protect Andrew Luck might be the foundation of Luck’s early exit from the sport despite being one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL during his tenure in Indianapolis.

So, who’s to say which is better? Polian had success, Grigson didn’t have success to the level that Polian did and Luck was very much at risk early in his career. But is the way Ballard is doing it better?

The five starters on the offensive line in Indianapolis made $7.9, $7.7, $7.5, $6.4 and $6.2 million, respectively. Well, what does that mean? When put into conversation with the 10 starting offensive linemen in the Super Bowl next weekend, only one of those players makes more than the fifth highest paid guy in Indianapolis. Again, only one player starting on an offensive line in the Super Bowl makes more than the lowest paid starting lineman here in Indy.

To be fair, the Bengals offensive line is not good and might be the reason they lose in Los Angeles next weekend. However, it continues to raise the question of roster construction here in Indianapolis and whether or not Ballard needs to adjust his priorities and approach to free agency. Does it need to change for the Colts to take a step up in the NFL hierarchy.

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