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Indianapolis – Carson Wentz cost the Colts a 1st and 3rd round draft pick. For a franchise QB that seems like a bargain, but for someone that only stays with the team for one year? That’s a major miscalculation and a blunder that fans will point to for years as a mistake by the front office.

The Colts came from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984 and only one man has covered the team since then, CBS4/Fox59 reporter Mike Chappell. A couple of different options to choose from include:

1988: Fredd Young – Two 1st round picks.

1990: Jeff George – 1st and 5th round pick, LT Chris Hinton, WR Andre Rison

2o13: Trent Richardson – 1st round pick


Chappell told JMV on his show Thursday that there’s a chance that the Wentz trade could end up being a top 3 worst trade in franchise history because of his position:


“Top 2 or 3? I think it certainly would because it involves a QB. Whenever it involves a QB that doesn’t work it just sets you back because of the time and capital you’ve invested…They’ve had some that haven’t worked over the years but top 3, top 5? Certainly.”


If you missed it, take a listen to JMV’s full conversation with Mike where they discuss the possibilities for Colts at DC and if Jim Irsay wants to move on from Carson Wentz no matter what.



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