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Indianapolis – Every year after the AFC and NFC Championship games there is a level of excitement built up leading into the Super Bowl. there is an opportunity to talk about the game and the impact a win would have on each respective franchise, but also an opportunity to look back at some of the great moments where fans can reflect on the success of their favorite team.


Everyone remembers their first Super Bowl. Most fans have to watch another team celebrate and hope to one day feel that same joy. 12 teams and their fans have never felt that joy (sorry Texans, Jaguars, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Titans, Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, and Lions) but once you win, fans talk about it for decades and do anything to get back there again.


Every Colts fan remembers where they watched Super XLI on February 4th, 2007. The Colts 1st championship in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning cementing his place as one of the best QBs in NFL History, and Tony Dungy becoming the 1st African American Head Coach to win a Super Bowl. 15 years later and fans still talk about it like it was yesterday.



If you missed it, take a listen to today’s podcast with JMV where he talks about his first Super Bowl memory and some of the discussion before the Colts took on the Bears in Super Bowl XLI! Timestamp 37:53