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There haven’t seemed to be many tears shed by Colts Nation over the departure of former defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

Meanwhile in the land of the Chicago Bears, fans and media have their hopes at an all-time high for what their team can be in 2022 and beyond. By all-time high, I mean just like every time they hire a head coach.

Anyway, Eberflus smartly is building his staff in the Windy City along with coaches that he already knows.

Alan Williams, of course, is now the new defensive coordinator of the Bears.

It makes sense; As Williams will endorse the way that Eberflus runs his defense, they’ll more than likely be on the same page at all times, and the process of teaching the Chicago defensive core the 4-3 set-up as opposed to the 3-4 will be quicker.

There is one name on that list though that may be concerning for the Colts in trying to fill the void in Indy.

Former defensive back coach David Overstreet is a one man hype machine. He was my favorite coach to watch during training camp at Grand Park. When the Carolina Panthers were in town, Sam Darnold was working on 1-on-1 drills. Rock Ya-Sin matched up with D.J. Moore, and Ya-Sin picked off Darnold on a beautiful play near the goal line.

Overstreet literally ran, no, sprinted 40 yards down field to celebrate with Rock as Moore was getting up off the ground.

Still, Overstreet is not the biggest loss on that list. It’s linebacker coach Dave Borgonzi.

If I could give an award for the most locked-in and detailed coach from camp, it would be Borgonzi. What impressed me most was his passion for getting the little things right. It obviously paid off too. With Darius Leonard becoming one of the most dominant takeaway threats in the league, and Bobby Okereke finishing top-15 in the NFL in tackles, Borgonzi left his fingerprint on the defense.

It wasn’t just the big boys like Leonard or Okereke making headlines either.

Look at the year that E.J. Speed had and his development both as a linebacker and on special teams. Anytime Zaire Franklin was slotted into the game as well, you knew that he would give you consistent effort and results. Matthew Adams is one of the most intense and hard-nosed players on the roster.

When you look at the linebacker position on the Colts, you see success. Borgonzi will be missed.