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Indianapolis – Last offseason the Colts had to find a new QB1. Once the rumors of texts about Andrew Luck from “Jimmy with the Colts” were proven false, fans turned their attention to a franchise QB that had agreed with their team to part ways, Matthew Stafford. After weeks of rumors, Colts fans hopes were dashed after the LA Rams gave up a haul for Stafford including 2 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, and QB Jared Goff.


Two weeks later the Colts traded for what they hoped would be their franchise QB for the next decade when they gave up a 3rd round and what would end up being a 1st round pick for Carson Wentz. After a full season that saw the Colts miss out on the playoffs and the Rams going to the Super Bowl, did the Colts make a mistake in not going “all in” for Stafford last offseason?



JMV brought on Data Scientist and Betting Analyst Ben Brown from PFF to ask him that exact question but first, JMV gave his thoughts on how the Colts would look with Stafford at QB:


“I don’t think the Colts have the type of supporting cast where you would see anywhere near a similar outcome as we have seen with Stafford and the Rams.”

Ben Brown agreed with JMV:


“If you didn’t have Cooper Kupp on that Rams team I don’t think you would have near the level of success Stafford has had this year. So I don’t think it’s a seamless plucking of Stafford from the Rams to the Colts and becoming a potential Super Bowl contending team. I do think there are some pieces needed in place at the skill position for the Colts in order for them to have success even if Stafford was the QB.”


With another QB change a possibility for the Colts this offseason, will Chris Ballard go all in to fix the position once and for all? Actions will speak a whole lot louder than words for a lot of fans.


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