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After 22 seasons, Tom Brady has made his retirement from the NFL official.  His longevity and sustained success will never be matched again as he walks away with 7 Super Bowl rings, a five-time Super Bowl MVP, a three-time league MVP, all-time leader in touchdown passes and yards and a whole laundry list of accolades. A lot of cities and fans will have a ton of fond memories of the 44-year old, but don’t expect Indianapolis to be on that list.

Brady amassed a 15-4 record against the Indianapolis Colts over his 22-year career, breaking hearts and raising blood pressure of countless Colts fans across Indiana over the years.  He was by far Public Enemy #1 in Indianapolis, whether it was the countless primetime showdowns with Peyton Manning, eliminating the Colts from the postseason or being involved in the Deflate-gate scandal.  He was always front and center for big moments, both good and bad, in Colts history.

There will always be some Colts fans that will call him a cheater until their dying day but I think most will at least respect the competitiveness and intensity for which he played the game.  At 44 years old, Brady ended his career without showing any signs of slowing down.  He led the NFL in passing yards (5,316), touchdown passes (44) and yards per game (312.7) while posting a quarterback rating of 102.1. Again, at age 44!

Colts fans may have to wait a while for the next great foe to emerge.  The Colts-Patriots showdowns of old were always a big draw as both Brady and Manning went head to head and it was always a battle of good vs. football evil.  Tom Brady was great and it was a hell of a 22-year ride.  It’s crazy to say that he probably still had at least one more season left in the tank but at no point during the Buccaneers’ divisional round loss to the Rams did I think we were witnessing Brady’s final snaps.

So hat’s off to Tom Brady for a hell of a career and a competitor.  You will likely not get too many warm wishes from the 317 area code but it was fun to go to battle against you for the better part of two decades.

Enjoy retirement and for god’s sake, eat a strawberry!