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Imagine you enter a game as a massive underdog and you find a way to pull off a massive upset. It’s a euphoric feeling. You’re on top of the world and nobody can stop you.

The only problem is you have another game to get ready for that’s in three days.

That’s the nature of the beast in college basketball. One second your world beaters and the next you’re in a rock fight with a team that has worse record than you do. If you don’t stay centered and keep a never-too-high never-too-low mentality, that one win you thought would be program defining could actually derail your whole season.

There’s countless examples of moments like this within the world of college hoops. Locally, the most recent example that comes to mind is Indiana’s win over Purdue last week. It’s a victory over your ranked in-state rival for the first time in more than half a decade. The future of your season, and your NCAA Tournament hopes, are at the mercy of how you go about validating that win moving forward.

Today on The Dan Dakich Show the great Seth Greenberg of ESPN stopped by to talk on this very problem that all coaches and teams face. After a massive victory, how do you respond? Seth stressed that by playing consistent basketball, and racking up victories following the big win, teams can validate the momentum W they earned and make it the standard instead of an outlier.

Seth also went over his favorite programs his college hoops right now and how he feels about Indiana-Penn State this evening. Plus, Seth looked back at the college basketball slate from last night.

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